Don’t do your children homework!

prTruthfully, we parents should always be ready to help our children with no exception of their homework. However, note that helping is different from doing. Then, let our children do their homework and we only need support them in the hope that they can do their homework by themselves.

Anindita Budhi R, counselor in Yayasan Pendidikan Pupuk in East Kalimantan, Bontang, states that there are some negative effects when parents are involved in doing their children’s homework.

  1. Children will lack in mastery on certain skills, especially basic skills.  

To exemplify, in the hand-skill lesson, a child must be lessoned how to use certain tools like a scissors. The use of a scissors will train the child’s soft motor in cutting something.

At times, when parents are worried, or perhaps afraid, their children will get hurt when they are using a scissors, such parents take the children’s work and cut something for them. In fact, using a scissors and cutting something based on a certain pattern (in a straight line, in a curve line, or the like) is a basic skill every child should master.

If this kind of homework is done by parents, children will eventually be used to giving this to their parents. As a result, they cannot cut well.

  1. Children will be less confident of their competence.

If everything is done by their parents, children will feel that they aren’t trusted or they aren’t competent. This can be worse when they are over-criticized after making mistakes and their parents don’t show which one is wrong and should be corrected. In this case, children need helping by explaining the process, not by doing their work.

  1. Kids will easily give up for a challenge.

Homework is in fact a type of problem which also becomes a challenge for the children. They are trained how to learn to solve a problem. If it’s parent who do the work, there will be a –pseudo-solution for the problems the children are having.

“When I’m not able to do my homework, I’ll give it to my father. That’s all,” think the children.

Actually, parent should only need to encourage their children to answer their problems, and satisfy their curiosity. Then, the children will be used to always finding the answers of every problem they are having.

  1. Kids will be less responsible for their work.

When parents do their children homework, the children tend to think their homework isn’t a part of their responsibility. Here is the way parents give an understanding to their children that the homework is a part of their responsibility as a learner. So, however difficult the homework, the children should do it by themselves, and parent can be a place to pose questions when are having difficulties.


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