Falling in love is healthy

jatuh cintaFalling in love has millions of tastes. You must ever hear this saying. But, do you know falling in love has in fact positive effects on your health? Here are some effects of falling in love on your health as reported in match.com

1. Falling in love makes you slim

Have you ever noticed you easily refuse an ice cream offer when in love? Or you stop eating junk?

In addition to its happening due to your spending most of your time with your sweetheart, your body produces a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine when you’re in love. The neurotransmitter produces adrenalin which decreases your appetite.

“This explains why most people experience the loss of their bodyweight when beginning making a date,” said Helen Fisher, a writer of Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love.

Also, falling in love causes you to do more exercises so as to be in fit and healthy for your lover.

2. Falling in love enhances your memory

Should you have a hard time recalling the name of your friends but easily remember your girl’s name when in an elementary school, don’t be astonished.

A scientist in the University of Pavia, Italy, found that falling in love enhances a hormone level which affects the memory by forming a new brain-cell.

“The brain area which saves your memory becomes active when you’re in love. From the perspective of evolution theory, we have to remember the kindness of our partner to keep our love to her/him,” said Fisher.

3. Falling in love betters your mood

The atmosphere of your office will be more enjoyable, you will smile more, and the traffic of Jakarta will not be as terrible as usual.

Those who are in love produce a brain chemical compound called dopamine, a stimulant which makes you happy, optimistic, and patient.

“When you make a relationship with your beloved someone, you will always feel happy,” explained Redford Williams, Director of Behavioral Medicine Research Center, Duke University.

In addition, falling in love makes your body produce oxytocin, which makes you always feel happy.

4. Falling in love makes you look younger

Those who are falling in love look younger than those who are not. How come?

It’s due to the fact that oxytocin in their body releases DHEA, an anti-aging hormone which triggers cell rejuvenation in the body.

5. Falling in love makes you live longer

Good news for couples who love each other. They will be healthier and have a longer life than their single friends.

According to a study of State University of Utah, one‘s life will be longer when s/he is getting a booster of motivation and self-confidence from the positive response of their sweetheart.

“Besides, one will adopt a safer habit when having a lover. For example, you will stop smoking and consuming alcohol when you realize there’s someone relying her life on you,” said Williams.


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