Take Care of Praising Your Children

memuji anakUK Minister, Jo Swinson warned parents to taka care of praising their children. This warning was revealed in the UK government campaign about bodily confidence, considering from the statistical data she quoted, 10 up to 15 percent of English children are not content of their appearance.

In the mean time, more than 70 percent of the young girls feel too obsessed with their female celeb figure. “Praising your child “beautiful” or “handsome” can actually harm their self-confidence,” stated Swinson as reported in Daily Mail (May 28, 2013). Too frequently to praise their appearance is in fact leading to the inconvenience about their own appearance.

Swinson further stated that the comments apparently not harmful of hair, appearance, or clothes can strengthen the visible negative view. Praising children too much will make them desire to always look beautiful. Even, this may drive the children discontent of their appearance and will always try to beautify themselves even if they’ve looked so.

Parents have also to be wary. They should not boast about their own appearance in front of their children. This doesn’t however mean appearance isn’t that important. But, it should not be too much. She added that when children notice their parents bewailing their weight or asking their children’s opinion on their appearance, it will only give them an understanding that a disproportional appearance is something negative and must be disturbing.

On the contrary, Swinson said that it’s better for parents to appraise their children intelligence and other positive attributes to encourage them to reach their success in life.

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