The older, The Happier

olderThe lowering in the health of physique and mentality notwithstanding, the old are in fact happier than are the mature or young. A study of California University revealed the older a person, the higher his/her ability to manage his/her negative emotions. “They are by far wiser,” said Iris Mauss, a psychologist and assistant professor in University of California, America, in an article Live Science.

This study involved 340 participants aged 21-73. Their degree of anger and anxiety were monitored and valued daily for two weeks. Before and after the study, they were invited to deliver a speech in font of a camera with a minimal time and preparation. Based on this, their receiving of emotions was measured, resulting that the old had more ability to manage their emotions and were not easily involved in an anxiety condition, even angry.

The researchers have not yet known what led to this condition. However, they were sure the old have experienced any more life experience out of their control, such as the illness and death of their beloved someone. With this more experience, they could learn managing an event was a useless effort. As a result, they could take the reality stoically.

From the study presented in the yearly conference of Association for Psychological Science May 24, it’s hoped the younger can take wisdom to pursue better happiness before becoming older.


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