Killed by Words

pembunuhan“The tongue is sharper than a sword.” It‘s one of the proverbs we’ve often heard. It’s a figurative language, in which the tongue is used to replace a “word.” The tongue is of the most important organ in producing words. As a result, when our tongue is not really perfect, for example, the words we utter are not, or perhaps less, clear. In other words, this proverb may mean that words are sharper than a sword.

Up to now, a sword had been a sharp tool to be frightened of. However tight a thing, it can be cut easily by a sharp sword. If words are sharper than a sword, then how sharp are words?

Asleep-making compliment

Who doesn’t love being complimented? Almost all people love it. It’s natural for human beings to love being complimented and hate being criticized. Even, there’s a trend whereby we prefer to make a friend with those who compliments us and keep away from those who criticize us. In one hand, the compliment in fact can throw up to the “heavens”, make us happy, and blow a “heaven wind.” On the other hand, a critique may make us drowned, and blow words making us depressed.

But, in fact, there are people becoming asleep due to compliments, not critiques. The compliments uttered in asleep-making words often make people delirious. Not to mention, should the compliments be delivered by those close to us only to curry favor, which may in fact be in contradiction with the truth. The compliments delivered in an impassioned, convincing way often make us sure all is on its track and make us forgetful and reluctant to look at and observe the real fact around us. This happened to most of the great leaders, didn’t it?

Should the compliments be delivered by a right person, they can be like an energy injection to make self-introspection. The compliments can motivate to always grow and improve better. The person sincere in complimenting us will say the truth as it is, without the need of adding or lacking. Then, simply put, we should be more careful, or better still listen and observe carefully, when suddenly one person compliments us about ourselves or our job, for example.


Words are magical. Even if they are basically composed of 26 letters, as found in Latin words, thousands or even millions of words can be produced. The magic of words relies on their users, speakers or writers. By a mouth of some people, the beautiful words can be a healer or killer-poison. Then, “to kill” someone, we don’t need to sharpen a sword, buy a weapon, or have other modern killing tools. It’s enough for us to compliment him/her as highly as possible, blow a “heaven” word making him/her asleep, and finally he/she will be killed happily.


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