Senior, Does It Mean Something?

Several last months, I’ve been back to the place where I used to be, making relationship with many persons for about five years. The days go by with no exceptional occurrence. I enjoy it as I did before. No more. Leaving early in the morning, returning to the dorm at midday, or even at late in the evening. So enjoyable does it seem, my first plan to only stay here for a short time turns to be longer.   

However, after a few weeks of stay, I feel something strange, something unusual I never found before. For you to understand, this isn’t a permanent place to stay for a longer time. It’s much like a temporary stopping place in which every person stays only to learn everything, particularly in the term of teaching activity. Then, it’s not surprising that the teachers here are always changing, as what’s happening now, when there are more newly-joined teachers than the old ones. Perhaps, this leads to awkwardness, not that they are still young, but because I find a quite “discriminative treatment” toward a young attractive female teacher.

She’s still too young, just celebrating her 20th birthday a few days ago. Also, she has just been registered as a university student in one public university. But, she is so exceptional. Not having much experience in a teaching process, she stands confidently in front of those who, perhaps, are older teaching and delivering materials. Her potential is really breathtaking. Only a few females at her age can do this. But, as a young girl, who is still seeking for her own identity, she has many differences from her senior, especially in the process of delivering her material. And, this leads to some problems.

Her improvisation during the teaching process, either in the method of delivering or content of the material, turns to be the horns of a dilemma. Instead of getting needed supports, she’s always been object of her fellow teachers’ anger. Even, for the matters that she is not righteously blamed, the howler is still put upon her. Simply put, she’s been the person to blame on due to the arrogance of the seniors, who seem always to consider themselves to be the right one. This situation drives her to be pushed in the corner, with a few, or perhaps no, supporters. Let’s say, in a biweekly-teaching meeting, she always becomes the quiet whereas in reality she is a cheerful and noisy figure. Again, the arrogance of her seniors drives her to take this way. Knowing this, my mind is full of questions; is it true that the seniors never make mistakes during their teaching? Do they instantly become the “perfect” figure?

This young female teacher has indeed started teaching since a year ago. But, the span of teaching doesn’t always mean that someone will be able to teach perfectly, or at least is committed in a few mistakes, does it? Every person has different ways of learning. There is someone able to learn so fast that he/she can improve even faster. But, there also someone learning so slow that he/she needs longer time to improve him/herself. Then, is it possible to blame the latter again and again?

Being a senior or junior is only about time. The seniors are those who fortunately have a chance to start their activity earlier, and the juniors are those who come later. The point to note is that the seniors are not always becoming the right figure. At times, they make mistakes or the like. The same condition may also be true for the junior. They will not all along commit the mistakes. Even, in a particular condition, the juniors have more progressive ideas the seniors never thought. Therefore, it will be worthier if they can walk together harmoniously. The seniors provide lasting guidance for their juniors, and the juniors become the partners in discussion for the seniors. This is one of the realizations of the responsibility everyone has. Thus, of the most important things to do is leave one’s egoism, communicating and making relationship in a friendly, intimate close condition.


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