Enjoying our life

Happiness cannot be seen extrinsically. There are many people looking rich with lots of wealth, but in fact they are not truly happy. Their life is full of jealousy, looking at their neighbor’s or friends’ buying new luxurious vehicles, household things, or the like. Thus, they are busy working in the hope of earning more money and accumulating wealth. They, therefore, cannot enjoy what they are achieving.

On the contrary, there are also people looking moderate, not appearing to have much wealth. But, they are enjoying their life. They’re looking so happy. They know how to enjoy their life blessed to them. When their neighbors or friends get more than themselves, no jealousy is shown. They involved themselves in their neighbors’ or friends’ happiness. Well… extrinsic matters do not always indicate a person’s intrinsic matters.

One day, a number of students from a noted university came to their professor. They got a success in their profession. They were sitting in a high hierarchy in their working place. Coming to their professor’s house, they were engaged in a warm talk from an array of topics.
Then came a topic about their life, stressed condition, a syndrome they were talking over and over. Some of them attempted to support the other, making them more and more disappointed and pessimistic. Seeing this condition, the professor smiled warmly and came into the kitchen.

In a while, he returned to their room with a tray full of various cups as well as a coffee pot. The cups really varied. Some were made of porcelain, some of plastics, some of glass, and the rest of crystal. Some looked very simple, and  some very luxurious. Then, the professor invited his guests to have the drink.

Once all of his students had their drink, the professor said, “Please, notice carefully. All the beautiful and luxurious cups are taken, aren’t they?, leaving only simple cheap-looking ones. It is something in common. Most of us desire the best in life. But, don’t you realize that this perspective is the root of all the stressed condition in your life?”

“What you all need now is the coffee itself, not the cup. But, you are more appealed at selecting the most beautiful and luxurious cup. And, of the most surprising thing is you are busy noticing the cup your friends are having.”

“Life is much like the coffee. On the contrary, the position, wealth, or the function in the society is the cup itself.  A cup is only a container, and what will be contained is the life itself. The life will not change only due to the changing of the container. Sometimes, we are so focused on the container we are having that we fail to enjoy the coffee. And, of the most tragic is you are engaged in noticing the container others are having, leading you into a jealousy.”

Well, perhaps we all are ever in the same condition as illustrated by the professor. We got all we need; steady profession, wealth, and so forth, but we always feel insufficient. We are always jealous at our friends’ life. We are so busy searching the container that we forget to enjoy our coffee. We forget that the same coffee will have the same taste though poured in a different container.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying our life

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