Dialogue with Ourselves

Our life is more or less affected by factors outside ourselves, external factors. Events, experiences, and consequences all shape our self-concept. They all are thousands of varying events affecting the way we see ourselves, even the way we interact with others. For example, when people around us are busy using the super-sophisticated gadgets, we partake in this activity to avoid mocks. When our classmates are enjoying using social media, we imitate it so as to be considered a social person. Consciously or not, the external factors have a considerable effect on our life.

However, we basically have an opportunity to make a critical choice. There are myriads of choices we can take, which is not only one, but tens, hundreds, or thousands. We can decide by ourselves what we want to watch daily, what type of house we want to stay in, what lifestyle we want to behave in, and thousand other choices. But, the choice is on us. We are who can and should decide.
The critical choice is based on the internal factor. This choice is the internally interacting process, an internal dialogue occurring based on the stimuli from the external factors. We can opt to create our own life or be drowned in others’ life.

Understanding Ourselves

Unconsciously, the life out of us draws us to the eddy of life, which we actually don’t want to have. We, however, partake in this majority’s lifestyle since we are afraid to be different. Are we complacent? Perhaps yes, but perhaps not. When we are busy doing out daily tasks and know that we are the same as others, we will be complacent. But, as we are alone contemplating our life, we will be awakened that have walked far away from our life goal. Then, it can be avoided that we need to dialogue internally with ourselves.

Dialogue with ourselves is an internally dialoguing process to understand ourselves. This dialogue leads to the emergence of the perception about ourselves, what we are like in our thought. Even, this dialogue leads to the emergence of the psychological changes resulting in physical reaction.

Basically, we can do this dialogue whenever and wherever we want, in the crowded or quiet time, in a busy or non-busy condition, since it is constant. Every event happening outside ourselves can be a stimulus for this dialogue. However, due to the strength of the life eddy around us, we often ignore, or even forget, to do it, thus having a hard time understanding ourselves.

When faced with crisis, the man with character will lean on himself
– Charles De Gaulle


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