Being Creative? Why not?

Creativity is such exclusive things that are more identified with the work of art such as painting, singing, or others, even though it can obviously get in on all the fields, including science.

Creativity is a breakthrough in solving problems along with the way of doing something. Or, it could be considered a slight inspired feeling.

A creative mind does often come unexpectedly. When we try to think seriously about the problems we are facing, our mind comes to a dead end. When we are, however, sitting in our car in a rest, for example, or in other relaxing conditions, a creative mind flashes suddenly.

Beethoven, and Darwin discovered their idea while riding a horse-drawn carriage. Archimedes was in the bathtub, while Mozart found the idea of a song when he was daydreaming.

The nature of this often makes it unable to be defined as a whole, what and where, even those considered creative are often confused when asked to explain where they get creative thinking. Many believe that creative thinking comes when the brain is going in or are on the relaxation phase (alpha waves).

So, does this imply that creativity cannot be sharpened?

Iyabo Asani in her writings gives some us recipes to be more creative in dealing with the problems we are facing;

1. Stimulating the sense of wonder and awe within us. The world is full of phenomena. Some people consider it normal, and some outstanding. To generate creative thinking, we should accustom ourselves to questioning these phenomena, though it may be considered reasonable for others.

2. Keeping our motivation. Quite often when we are sitting around or being alone, we see one thing that comes into our attention. We should not let it flow off hand. We have to follow up by expressing, writing, or other activities. The nature of our interest is an essential way to stimulate our creative thinking.

3. Having an intellectual courage. Try to think out of the box. Thinking inside the box seems usual. Most people use it. Creativity means we think unusually differently from others.

4. Relaxing. The creative mind is impossible when we are in distress. We should provide a relaxing condition to our brain. Often during this relaxation, the creative mind comes up. Relaxation does not mean we should sleep. We can do activities we like since basically this relaxation is to rest our brains of the heavy stuff and pressing.

5. Being involved in various activities. Many activities make our brain keep going and working to solve problems.

6. Observing a child. Small children often demonstrate creative actions sometimes unattainable by adults’ thought. Their innocence often leads to imagination. Well, by watching children play, we often get a fresh and unconventional idea.

Yes, creativity is very important. Creative mind often gives us a way out when we should deal with the thorny issue. When it seems as if we had no solving-problem roads, the creative mind provides freshly new route. Technologies that we find today are a proof that creativity is like a big hammer to hit the ice.

Anyway, the steps above are only a guide. All depend on us. Everyone may have a different way because of his/her uniqueness.


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3 thoughts on “Being Creative? Why not?

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