Winning Life

It has been people’s character to be the best creature in life. Whatever they do, they will try to give best to get their purpose. Sometimes, since their hope is more than they can achieve, they acquiesce in doing something harming others. They do not care for others’ hardship. They only think their joys. They always think that others are not their business.

Life is a godsend for us. During our life, we get so many experiences that sometimes make us pleased and sometimes make us sad. For some people, all the experiences, whether pleasing or not, are something to be grateful. They think all those experiences can make them wise their mindset and sharpen their empathy to others. For this group, failure they get in their life is a way to get a success. They will not blame others due to the fact that they realize it gives them time to contemplate, so that they can make a better plan for their future.

On the contrary, some people suppose that those experiences are meaningless. They can only blame their partners or their men. They never contemplate on their own way. For this group, failure is an end of life. They lose not only their spirit but also their objectives. Success is the right of a man with good determination, isn’t it?

Now let’s us ask ourselves “Who are we?”


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